This is a pretty rare find. I'd buy this set right away - just make sure they're not real first.



  • Fact 1: Training kits such as this one were used to teach soldiers how to identify, avoid, and defuse land mines and other explosives used by Japan during WWII.
  • Fact 2: Land mines were first developed in China in the 13th century, and were used to defend gates and narrow passes from invasion.
  • Fact 3: Early fuses were lit by hand and required stealth and timing, but by the mid-14th century, mechanical fuses had become common on the battlefields of China.
  • Fact 4: Europe saw widespread use of land mines during the World Wars. More than half of the vehicles destroyed in WWII were taken out by mines.
  • Fact 5: Land mines have spawned many innovative variants, including magnetic casings, air-drop capability, and even spring-loading "jumping" mines.

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