Bomber jackets are a classic piece of American history, and always in fashion.



  • Fact 1: Flight jackets originated in WWI, where open-cockpit planes exposed pilots to cold weather. The heavy leather and fur lining became an iconic look for 20th-century pilots.
  • Fact 2: Parachutist and stuntman Leslie Irvin designed the first true flight jacket in the 1920s, choosing sheepskin for warmth and comfort. His company supplied the RAF through WWII.
  • Fact 3: Most military flight jackets today are made from nylon and other synthetics, though the US Air Force continues to issue the classic A-2 leather jacket to pilots.
  • Fact 4: Flight jackets worn in combat feature the insignia of the airman's squadron. This jacket's patch indicates a position in the 364th Bombardment Squadron.
  • Fact 5: Each successful bombing run in WWII was marked with a bomb patch on the front of the jacket. This jacket's wearer participated in an impressive 29 runs.

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