Oof, can you imagine lugging one of these things around? I'll stick with my smartphone.



  • Fact 1: The first cellular phone was developed in 1973 by Motorola, but the technology wasn't commercially available until 1983.
  • Fact 2: Cellular phones became a ubiquitous part of global society in the early 21st century, with over 4.6 billion users in 2010.
  • Fact 3: The first "smartphone" was the IBM Simon in 1992, which contained an address book, note pad, e-mail access, and games.
  • Fact 4: Smartphone usage exploded in 2011, accounting for 43% of all phones used in the United States by the end of that year.
  • Fact 5: Today's smartphones are full-fledged computers, with hardware more powerful than many full-sized desktop or laptop computers.

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