"Grant was treated as a sort of mythical figure when he died. Collectors would give you $1,500 for something like this."



  • Fact 1: Following his two terms as President, Grant embarked on a two-year worldwide tour with his wife, meeting with world leaders and assisting in diplomatic affairs.
  • Fact 2: On the heels of his post-Presidential world tour, Grant took advantage of the publicity and ran for a third term. He lost the Republican nomination to James Garfield.
  • Fact 3: Grant invested his retirement savings in a fund co-created by his son Buck. Buck's business partner, Ferdinand Ward, was revealed to have been running a Ponzi scheme; both the fund and Grant were left bankrupt.
  • Fact 4: Upon discovering in 1884 that the destitute Grant was suffering from throat cancer, Congress reinstated his rank as General, granting him a full retirement pension and medical benefits.
  • Fact 5: Shortly before his death, Grant contracted with Mark Twain to publish his memoirs, which sold well and provided his widow Julia with more than $450,000.

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