Coins minted by Spain when they ruled the Atlantic are worth some money, so a collection like this is worth tens of thousands. Nice work!



Cost to complete without items: 10 candies


  • Fact 1: The Spanish treasure fleets sailed from the new Americas to Spain on a fairly regular basis from 1566 to 1790.
  • Fact 2: Christopher Columbus' first expedition to the Americas in 1492 was the precursor to the more organized Spanish treasure fleets.
  • Fact 3: Organized convoys were established after french privateers began raiding Spanish treasure ships in the 1560s.
  • Fact 4: Despite the general perception that many treasure ships were lost or captured in combat, very few fleets were actually lost to enemy action throughout centuries of operation.
  • Fact 5: The exceptional loss of a Spanish treasure ship, whether through enemy action, shipwreck, or natural disasters, dealt a significant blow to worldwide trade when they occured, being such a key component of Spain's wealth and trade.

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