You can tell that the book was rebound, probably some centuries after it was originally reproduced. Still, if it was owned by Isaac Newton, it's practically priceless.



  • Fact 1: Sir Isaac Newton was an astronomer, physicist, mathematician, philosopher, alchemist, and theologian that lived from 1643 to 1727.
  • Fact 2: Isaac Newton was knighted by Queen Anne in 1705. He was the second scientist to be knighted, after Sir Francis Bacon.
  • Fact 3: A descendant of Newton's original apple tree still grows outside the main gate of Trinity College, Cambridge, below the room Newton lived in when he studied there.
  • Fact 4: Newton is best known for establishing the theory of universal gravitation and the three laws of motion, but also extensively studied light and sound.
  • Fact 5: Although alchemy is often seen as a pseudo-science, it contributed greatly to our modern understanding of science and evolved into what is now known as chemistry.

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