While not strictly a piece of currency, these sorts of items are very popular among currency collectors. This is definitely a great piece, and I can attest to the authenticity of all the coins.



  • Fact 1: This clock has 4 Morgan silver dollars and 2 Peace dollars set into its face, greatly increasing its value.
  • Fact 2: The face of Liberty on the Peace dollar is based on Teresa de Francisci, the wife of the coin's sculptor.
  • Fact 3: The Peace dollar originally featured a broken sword on its reverse side, but the public saw it as symbolic of surrender and it was removed.
  • Fact 4: George Morgan, sculptor of the Morgan dollar, used Philadelphia teacher Anna Willess Williams as a model for Liberty.
  • Fact 5: More than 270 million Morgan dollars were melted down into silver bullion to aid US allies in WWI.

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