"The coloration and weight of the coins checks out, and the bars are solid silver. You can expect about $110,000 for all this."



  • Fact 1: Silver is the most electrically-conductive metal, but its high cost makes it a less popular option than copper for most applications.
  • Fact 2: During WWII, the United States used more than 13,000 tons of silver to make uranium-enriching electromagnets.
  • Fact 3: Silver has inherent antibiotic properties, and is still used in medicines. Ancient sailors put silver coins in water barrels to keep the water drinkable.
  • Fact 4: Silver's antibacterial properties made it an early symbol of purity and healing; many mythical monsters, notably vampires and werewolves, are defeated by silver.
  • Fact 5: Colloidal silver, used in many alternative medical therapies, can sometimes cause human skin to turn greyish-blue. The condition was made famous by Montana senate candidate Stan Jones, whose blue coloration made headlines in the early 21st century.

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