This item can be restored. Please see Seeburg "Symphonola" Jukebox/Restoration

These jukeboxes are some of the first models introduced to the public, and because of their age finding working models in good condition is very rare. This is a great find you have here.



  • Fact 1: The Symphonola jukebox was manufactured between 1946 and 1948 by the J.P. Seeburg Company of Chicago, IL.
  • Fact 2: Another Seeburg jukebox, the 1953 M100C, is prominently featured in the opening of the TV show "Happy Days."
  • Fact 3: Seeburg was founded in 1902 as a maker of electric player pianos, and built its first coin-operated record player in 1927.
  • Fact 4: This Model 146 "trashcan" jukebox originally cost $650, weighed 325 lbs, and could play up to 20 records.
  • Fact 5: Seeburg's next model, the 100A, was the world's first 100-song player, and popularized jukeboxes in bars and restaurants.

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