Secretariat put horse racing on the map in the sixties, and anything connected to him gets top dollar at auction. This is a good buy.



  • Fact 1: In 1973, Secretariat became the first horse in 25 years (and one of only eleven in history) to win the prestigious Triple Crown of racing.
  • Fact 2: In a necropsy performed after Secretariat's death in 1989, his heart was found to weigh an estimated 22 pounds, nearly three times the size of a normal racehorse's.
  • Fact 3: Secretariat ranked #2 on ESPN's list of greatest sports performances, second only to Wilt Chaimberlain's 100-point game (and the only non-human on the list).
  • Fact 4: Horseshoes first appeared in ancient Rome, and resembled metal sandals strapped around the hoof. More modern, nailed-on shoes appeared in Europe around 500 AD.
  • Fact 5: In the wild, horses' hooves naturally harden against rough ground. Domesticated horses are fitted with shoes to protect their hooves from unnatural human habitats.

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