The Prize Wheel is one of the features in Pawn Stars: The Game. It is a wheel that gives out varying prizes if you land on the right part of the wheel. The only ways to spin the wheel is to pay candy or get a Trivia question right, the latter of which will only get you a free spin on the Bronze Wheel.

On April 24th, 2013, the Silver and Gold wheels were added to the game. For a more expensive price, one who spins the wheel can enjoy more varying rewards, such as expensive items, decorations, or shelves.


Bronze Wheel prizesEdit

  • Money, in quantities of $10,000, $100,000, or $250,000.
  • Candy, in quantities of 1 or 50.
  • 100 Spare Parts, 10 Elbow Grease, or 1 Flair
  • A random 1-day Promotion
  • 100 or 50 Prestige
  • Glass Shelf or a Glass Table
  • A random Knowledge level
  • A High Roller
  • A free spin on the Silver Wheel
  • A level up
  • A High Roller item

Silver Wheel prizesEdit

Gold Wheel prizesEdit

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