Practice bombs are pretty common, but they're a heck of a conversation piece. Military collectors will want this.



  • Fact 1: A practice bomb is a small, lightweight (non-explosive) dummy which can contain pyrotechnic effects to assist marking/spotting and is used to simulate the aerodynamics and ballistics of real bombs for training pilots.
  • Fact 2: This BDU-33 practice bomb is the standard dummy used by most military pilots in training. It weighs 25 pounds and releases a cloud of smoke on impact.
  • Fact 3: Other practice bombs are full-scale replicas of actual bombs, but their size, weight, and expense make them less common than sub-caliber dummies.
  • Fact 4: This small, narrow teardrop shape is based on early aircraft bombs used in WWI. Modern bombs are much larger and tend toward cylinder and bullet shapes.
  • Fact 5: Practice bombs are used in training exercises not only to save money, but for safety. Accidental releases regularly drop dummy bombs in populated areas.

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