This is a FAQ made to answer all of your questions about the game. If you have a question, leave it at the talk page, and an admin will get to you quickly.

Is restoring the Personal Robot and making him a clerk worth it?Edit

Yes. With stats higher than Pawn Czar and almost as good as Auto von Bismarck (for Tex-o-tron, that is), it is worth 50 (or 62) of your candies.

How do you restore the Fortune Telling Machine in Fame and Fortunes?Edit

At the tier that should say (at the top) The gypsy is in bad shape. Fix her up or replace her?, choose the medieval wizard restoration. Then, when it says Does this fortune teller have a name?, choose "Amazing Abraxas".

What is the most and least expensive item?Edit

The most expensive item used to be the Stradivarius Violin at 2,000,000 cash, but is now Artemis and the Stag at 28,600,000 cash, followed by the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond at 23,400,000 cash, while the least expensive is the 1913 Inaugural Federal Tax Form, at a mere 15 cash.

How do I add an item to a collection other than the red pop-up?Edit

At the bottom-right (near the mini-map), there is a button that has 3 bags behind a question mark. Clicking it opens the collections screen. From there, you can add the item you own to its respective collection.

Why can't I get the Taj Mahal Sunken Treasure or the Babe Ruth Autographed Bat?Edit

Because they're extremely rare. Compared to the other items available to buy, the two are very high on the rarity scale, and are hard to find. It's definitely worth mentioning that only High-Rollers can come in with the item. The best advice to get them is to buy some high rollers with candy or wait until one walks in the door. You can also win a High Roller Customer on the Prize Wheel.

The Taj Mahal Sunke Treasure comes up more often in the Casino road trip if you can afford the 40 candies to get in. The Babe Ruth Autographed Bat can be bought from using the favor from the sports expert.

I accidentally spent my candies on something. Can I get them back?Edit

No, unless you win the candies back on the Prize Wheel/Pot of Gold/Haunted Door.

Are there any cheats in the game?Edit

Many people on the official PS:TG page and the Price List have asked this question. NO, THERE IS NOT ANY. There were some candy glitches, but those have been patched. The only effective way to cheat at the game is to look up the items and trivia answers on the wiki.

*Recently there has been a glitch with high-priced items and items that have been purchased with the aid of candies. These items will not take away money after being purchased.

How do I get more candies?Edit

You can get them every 7 days, from the prize wheel, or an upgraded Pot of Gold or Haunted Door. You can also get a candy each time you get to the next level and from watching ad videos.

To get candies on a more regular basis, save up 150 candies and purchase a candy machine from the Shop. This generates a candy every 8 hours (or 3/day). If you can keep on schedule it would take around 50 days to purchase a second candy machine and so on.

For more information, visit the candy page.

Can I rename my shop?Edit

Yes. In the top left corner, above the prestige bar, there should be a box named "My Pawn Shop". Clicking on it will let you rename the shop.

How do I get knowledge on collection items, since the collections can't be bought?Edit

One known way to get knowledge is buying the knowledge with cash and candy. If you have purchased the expert Andimus and gotten him up to level 3, you can use his Knowledge Level Up ability on any completed collections in your shop or back room.  Currently, the World War II Collection can be bought from regular customers (the Pirate Collection was previously available this way).  You can sometimes find the Creepy Collection at Jace's Basement or the Pin-Up Collection at the Art Gallery on the Road Trip and this will also increase your knowledge of these two collections.

How do I unlock the back room?Edit

You can unlock the Back Room for $6,000 or buying the Employee Room.

Is it a good idea to buy the Gumball Machine?Edit

Depends on how long you would play the game. If you got 3 candies per day, it would take you 50 (or even more) days to break even on the machine. If you plan on playing the game for a long time, then yes, it is worth it.

How do I get more items?Edit

First, you want to buy as many Improvements as you can that increase customer time. It's also advised to buy some Improvements that increase customer limit. Completing tasks is also recommended, because the less tasks you have in a group of 10 customers, the more items you can get. Also, the Double Max Customers/Double Customer Flow Promotions are recommended.

Why am I not getting any more tasks?Edit

You probably completed them all.

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