Cost to complete early: 10 candies


  • Fact 1: At its apex, the Ottoman Empire was one of the largest states in the world, controlling large areas of Eastern Europe, Asia minor, the Middle East, Caucasia and North Africa.
  • Fact 2: The Turkish Empire officially ended on July 24, 1923 with the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, which dissolved the Ottoman Caliphate and established the Republic of Turkey.
  • Fact 3: Lasting from 1299 to 1922, the Ottoman Empire is one of the longest lasting empires in the history of the world.
  • Fact 4: The Ottoman Empire waged war with a variety of weapons, including swords, pistols, rifles, cannons, bows, and a myriad of armors.
  • Fact 5: The Ottoman Empire was the crossroads for interactions between the Eastern and Western worlds for over six centuries, largely due to Constantinople, its capital.

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