I get a mighty feeling when handling this piece. A one-of-a-kind construction that may have taken the life of its artisan. If I had to put a value on this, I would say 10000.



  • Fact 1: A french word, "ormolu" literally means "ground gold".
  • Fact 2: Ormolu clocks were soaked in mercury during the crafting process, often killing the maker and earning them the nickname “"Death Clocks".
  • Fact 3: Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man, and was also used in the manufacture of hats at the time.
  • Fact 4: Legislation in France outlawed the use of Mercury in 1830, effectively ending the production of ormolu.
  • Fact 5: Though a variety of goods were created using the ormolu process, such as chandeliers, furniture, and sculptures, mantel clocks proved the most popular and frequently produced ormolu goods.

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