Whenever a certain objective is reached, you will get a message from different Pawn Stars and a chance to post it to your status.

Message TextEdit

Gold badge on restorationEdit

Given by: Rick

You just got a Gold Value badge!

Wow. That really added a lot of value to that restoration. Nice job.

Diamond badge on restorationEdit

Given by: Rick

You just got a Diamond Value badge!

Whoa. That turned out really nice. I bet someone will pay a fortune for that.

Getting a rare itemEdit

Getting a high amount of cash on an itemEdit

Given by: Corey

You made a killer profit!

Wow. You made how much on that (item name here)? That's insane.

Completing a knowledge tierEdit

Given by: Rick

You learned something new!

Now I know who to talk to when it comes to (item name here). Nice job.

Getting an item bonus from a restoration tierEdit

Given by: Old Man

Bonus Booty!

Usually it takes skill to make a good buy. Sometimes you just get lucky.

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