"Wow, that thing is heavy-duty. A serious woodworker would easily spend $20,000 for that."



  • Fact 1: Table saws are heavy woodcutting circular saws integrated into adjustable table surfaces, allowing users to make precise cuts on large pieces.
  • Fact 2: Knapp, a manufacturer of heavy-duty woodworking equipment, was purchased by the Robland corporation in 2000.
  • Fact 3: Large multifunction table saw such as this one can weigh in excess of two tons.
  • Fact 4: This table is an example of a Euro-style combination machine, which adds a large, moving table surface and several additional functions under the main saw, including a thicknesser and a specialized jointer.
  • Fact 5: Modern European combibnation table saws are larger and more powerful than their American counterparts, and are aimed at professionals and dedicated hobbyists.

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