The brass has the appropriate aging, and the wood is in remarkably good condition. If this rifle still fires, I'd say you have quite a valuable piece of Civil War history there.



  • Fact 1: Long Rifles went by several names: Kentucky Rifle, Pennsylvania Rifle, Tennessee Rifle, and even Hog Rifle.
  • Fact 2: One of the first manufacturers of long rifles was Martin Meylin, whose gunshop is still standing in Willow Street, Pennsylvania, on what is now Long Rifle Road.
  • Fact 3: As these rifles aged, their barrels became corroded from use and had to be re-bored. Most Kentucky rifles started at around .36-.45 caliber, but often ended up at .50 caliber.
  • Fact 4: On the American frontier during the 18th century, a long rifle was often the most elaborate and expensive item a man could own.
  • Fact 5: American long rifles were typically made by one master craftsman, who accordingly had to be a skilled blacksmith, whitesmith, wood carver, engraver, and wood finisher.

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