John Hancock's is one of the most forged signatures in history, but I'm happy to say that this is authentic. Anything signed by the founding fathers, especially Hancock, is quite valuable.



  • Fact 1: John Hancock was the first governor of Massachusetts, and was elected in 1780.
  • Fact 2: John Hancock's signature got slightly less elegant and more jittery as he aged, as exhibited by this document.
  • Fact 3: The U.S. Navy has two ships named after John Hancock: The USS Hancock and USS John Hancock.
  • Fact 4: John Hancock died on October 8, 1793, at only 53 years of age.
  • Fact 5: Some say that John Hancock signed his name so large and flamboyantly so that King George could read it without his spectacles on.

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