This item can be restored. Please see High Wheeled Bicycle/Restoration

"This is a modern recreation of a Vicotorian bike, but it'll still sell. $600 or so, I'd say."



  • Fact 1: High wheels, better known as penny-farthings or ordinaries, became popular in the 1870s and were the first mchines officially labeled bicycles.
  • Fact 2: Based on the French velocipede, or "boneshaker," high-wheels featured a much larger front wheel for higher speed as the pedals directly turned the wheel.
  • Fact 3: The high wheel fell out of favor as the more advanced "safety bicycle" became the preferred method of cycling.
  • Fact 4: Around 1870, inventors Eugene Meyer and James Starley introduced modified velocipedes propelled by pedals rather than the rider's feet. Later models featured enlarged front wheels, and the high-wheel was born.
  • Fact 5: High wheel bicycles are infamously prone to flipping forward over their giant wheels and causing head injuries to their riders.

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