It's a bit weird, and not many people collect these things, but I'm sure you can find a buyer for it.



  • Fact 1: The first tanning lamp was discovered in 1903 when a German company noticed the high ultraviolet emissions from a new metal halide light they were developing.
  • Fact 2: In the early 20th century, sun lamps were marketed as health and wellness devices, mimicing the natural light of the sun.
  • Fact 3: Though the health risks of tanning are widely known, many people use tanning lamps for cosmetic reasons. The US Food and Drug Administration has regulated tanning beds since 1979.
  • Fact 4: Human skin darkens in response to ultraviolet light, releasing dark melanin pigments to prevent radiation damage to DNA.
  • Fact 5: The Hanovia company was founded in 1905 and continues to manufacture ultraviolet lamp systems for water purification systems today.

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