This is one of the only examples of a training musket I've ever seen. These are extremely rare, often handed down or kept as heirlooms. To find one in this condition is remarkable!



  • Fact 1: Manufactured by Henry Nock, one of the most prominent gunsmiths in England during the 1800s.
  • Fact 2: Made for young adults to learn proper firearm technique before they grew into a full sized musket of their own.
  • Fact 3: Henry Nock was once commissioned to make a set of volley guns, a rifle and a pistol, for the Royal Household. They remain in the Queen's collection to this day.
  • Fact 4: Henry Nock also founded a company called Wilkinson Sword, a manufacturer of swords, guns, and motorcycles, which is presently owned by Energizer.
  • Fact 5: A seven-barreled rifle called the "Nock Gun" was briefly used during the Napoleonic Wars, but the recoil frequently broke the shoulder of the wielder.
  • Fact: People like the red coats use these as weapons

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