Before clay pigeons became popular, these glass balls were the shooting target of choice. Today, you could probably get $2000 for it.



  • Fact 1: Glass target balls were generally mold-blown for quick production, and often bore the name of the glassworks that made it.
  • Fact 2: Captain A.H. Bogardus patented the first practical glass target ball in 1877. The popular Bogardus Trap became a standard target at shooting ranges almost immediately.
  • Fact 3: Glass target balls, or traps, were usually filled with feathers to simulate hitting real pigeons, which were expensive to raise for target shooting.
  • Fact 4: Glass trap inventor A.H. Bogardus was an accomplished target shooter, and toured the country with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.
  • Fact 5: Most modern shooting traps are made from clay, which is cheaper to produce and more reliably weighted than blown glass.

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