Today, the President releases his taxes to the public. Back then, this was a closely guarded secret.



  • Fact 1: This tax return, filed by Roosevelt in 1941, shows a gross income of $20,231.36 (nearly half a million in today's dollars).
  • Fact 2: After nearly $17,000 in deductions, Roosevelt paid only $34.32 to the Treasury that year.
  • Fact 3: FDR was President of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945. He was elected to the office four times.
  • Fact 4: Roosevelt wrote a confused letter to the IRS in his 1937 return, wondering how to apply changing tax rates to his Presidential salary.
  • Fact 5: Most modern US Presidents (since the controversial leak of Nixon's tax return in 1970) release their tax documents to the public.

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