Antique farm equipment is always popular, and you should have no problem moving this piece. Just keep the kids' hands out of the hopper.



  • Fact 1: This corn shucker, or sheller, is hand-cranked and automatically strips kernels from corn ears dropped in the hopper.
  • Fact 2: Corn shelling machines could process thousands of ears of corn in a day, greatly reducing the amount of labor for corn farmers and sellers.
  • Fact 3: Before the development of mechanical shellers many farming communities distributed the work at shucking bees, which doubled as social events.
  • Fact 4: This machine, like many pieces of farm equipment, is very dangerous if used improperly. Even today, 16,000 farm workers are injured every year.
  • Fact 5: By weight, more corn is grown worldwide than any other grain. The US alone grows around 350 million tons each year.

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