Confederate belt buckles are pretty collectible to begin with, but one with a Union ball still stuck in it? This is probably worth about $10,000.



  • Fact 1: Confederate uniforms closely resembled those of Union forces until official regulations were issued on June 6th, 1861.
  • Fact 2: Poor logistical support and broken supply lines meant some Confederate units never recieved their uniforms, and often fought in stolen Union equipment.
  • Fact 3: Confederate belt buckles were produced in many plants across the South, leading to a wide variety of designs. Most are oval with a CS or CSA insignia.
  • Fact 4: The brass used in the manufacture of belt buckles was in short supply during the Civil War, leading to equipment shortages across the South.
  • Fact 5: The lack of battlefield clean-up and the survivability of brass, have made belt buckles one of the most common and collectible artifacts of the American Civil War.

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