Everyone remembers Colonel Sanders and his white suit. This is the real deal, and worth about $80,000.



  • Fact 1: Harland David Sanders, founder of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food chain, was made an honorary "Kentucky Colonel" in 1935.
  • Fact 2: Sanders opened a service station in 1930 in Corbin, Kentucky, and served travelers country ham, steaks, and fried chicken out of his adjacent living quarters.
  • Fact 3: Due to Interstate 75 rerouting traffic away from his restaurant, Sanders explored the possibility of franchise restaurants in the 1950s. This led to the beginning of the modern KFC chain.
  • Fact 4: Starting around 1950 Sanders began developing his appearance; he grew and bleached a mustache and goatee, and wore white suits with cotton ties in all public appearances for the last 20 years of his life.
  • Fact 5: Despite passing away in 1980, Colonel Sanders remains the official face of Kentucky Fried Chicken, appearing in its logo, in restaurants, and in commercials.

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