I had never heard of this guy until now, but if his books are worth this much money I like him already.



  • Fact 1: Charles Paul de Kock, born March 24, 1794, was a prolific and popular French novelist, writing around 100 volumes of stories based on life in 19th-century Paris.
  • Fact 2: Though he was not as popular within France, de Kock was one of the most widely-published French authors worldwide, and helped shape the foreign image of Parisian life.
  • Fact 3: Illuminated books, with hand-drawn and painted illustrations, get their name from the gold leaf originally used as accents, making the pages reflective and luminous.
  • Fact 4: This 1903 "Bibliomaniac" collection was limited to ten copies, each hand-bound and illustrated, and was created specifically as a collector's piece.
  • Fact 5: John French Sloan, this series' illustrator, one of the founders of the "Ashcan School" of art, gained fame with his gritty portrayals of urban New York City life.

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