Among collectors, Benjamin Franklin is one of the most sought after figures. He was an inventor, founding father, printer, and had a bit of a notorious reputation. This is a fantastic piece.



  • Fact 1: This book, "The Confession of Faith", was printed by Franklin for the Church of Scotland in 1745.
  • Fact 2: Ben Franklin ran away from home at age 17, and worked as a printer for various print houses in Philadelphia.
  • Fact 3: Even after the American Revolution and his myriad inventions and political successes, Franklin signed his letters with "B. Franklin, Printer".
  • Fact 4: Franklin's love of books and disseminating knowledge led him to create the first modern library in 1731.
  • Fact 5: Franklin's experience in printing and his public fame as a writer, publisher and activist led to his key role in the Revolution.

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