What you have right here is pre-revolution, Russian imperial jewelry. Onyx, sapphires, rubies, this is beautiful stuff.



  • Fact 1: The oldest known broaches date from the Bronze Age, made of thorns and bones.
  • Fact 2: The highest priced piece of Faberge is the Rothschild Egg, sold at auction in 2007 for $14 million. It is the highest price ever paid for a Russian object, and for a timepiece of any kind.
  • Fact 3: The House of Faberge was founded in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Russia by Gustav Faberge
  • Fact 4: Faberge launched the cologne Brut in 1964, which is still one of the most popular colognes in the world.
  • Fact 5: During the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 1900s the House of Faberge was nationalized and the Faberge family fled Russia, eventually opening Faberge, Paris in France.

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