While it's not from the 15th century, it is rather old. You can tell from the metalwork around the shaft and the age of the wood. Still a great piece.



  • Fact 1: Battle axes evolved from simple woodcutting tools, and eventually became one of the most useful weapons in ancient warfare.
  • Fact 2: While popularly associated with vikings, battle axes first came into military service in ancient Egypt.
  • Fact 3: Most medieval axes were made from wrought iron with a carbon steel edge, but as technology improved over the centuries, axes were eventually crafted from pure steel.
  • Fact 4: Eventually axes were combined with spears to make halberds; extremely long pole-arms with pointed ends for thrusting and axe-blades for slicing.
  • Fact 5: Battle axes made more effective weapons against knights, because the wedge-shaped blade could easily cut through armor whereas a sword would simply glance off.

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