It appears the ball has aged naturally, no signs of artificial abrasion or aging. DiMaggio's heavy writing style also matches up, I believe this is authentic.



  • Fact 1: 1951 was Joe DiMaggio’s final season and Mickey Mantle’s first, The Yankees won their 14th World Series that year.
  • Fact 2: Joe DiMaggio earned $100,000 playing for the New York Yankees in 1951.
  • Fact 3: A baseball signed by DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe fetched $191,200 in 2006.
  • Fact 4: In 1951 it was common practice for clubhouse personnel to perform signing duties for some members.
  • Fact 5: 1951 marked the 49th season for the Yankees in New York, but the 51st season for the team overall. Previously they had been located in Maryland and had been called the Orioles.

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