Ah yes, this looks to be authentic, and the set is complete. You could get 1000, at least, for the lot of them.



  • Fact 1: During the Victorian era some high-end train sets featured a real steam powered locomotive.
  • Fact 2: A 1912 model train set would have cost $3.75 new.
  • Fact 3: Before WWI, most toy trains were made in Germany, but it was the British who brought the "model railways" hobby to adults with more realistic train designs.
  • Fact 4: The defining event in toy train history was the development of modular pieces meant to be collected: a characteristic of most successful toy lines since.
  • Fact 5: Neil Young, an avid train collector, is not only a part owner of Lionel but has also worked on their Liontech Sound systems and Trainmaster Command Control systems.

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