Magnum P.I. was one of the most successful shows of the 80s, and people who grew up with it are zealous collectors. They pay lots of money for this stuff, and this is an actual prop!



  • Fact 1: Signal cannons have fallen out of common usage but are still used ceremonially by the military and on some private vessels, such as yachts.
  • Fact 2: This antique brass cannon was converted by the Strong company, gaining a breech-loader and an interior sleeve for extra strength.
  • Fact 3: Airing from 1980 to 1988, "Magnum, P.I." starred Tom Selleck as a private detective working in Hawaii.
  • Fact 4: Tom Selleck was the original choice to play Indiana Jones, but his contract with "Magnum, P.I" cost him the part.
  • Fact 5: John Hillerman, who was from Texas and faked a British accent as Higgins on "Magnum, P.I.", once received a letter from a British lord calling him "a credit to the Empire".

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