• Fact 1: Billiard games originated in lawn sports such as croquet, and first appeared on specialized tables in the 16th century. Most table felt is still dyed grass-green.
  • Fact 2: Early games featured clubs or mallets to strike the balls. The cue (from the French "queue", meaning tail) originates from skilled players using the tail of the club as an extra challenge.
  • Fact 3: Billiard balls were originally made of ivory, and thus prohibitively expensive. Clay was a cheaper alternative, but fragile balls plagued lower-class players until the early-20th-century advent of plastics.
  • Fact 4: Mary, Queen of Scots, was such an avid billiards player that her servants wrapped her body in the felt from her table after her execution in 1587.
  • Fact 5: There are many different billiards games, from snooker to carombole, but the one most popular in the US is the familiar eight-ball pool variant.


  • This item can be acquired during the restoration of an Armada Chest.

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