"This is a first series Durer print, for certain. I've actually never seen one before. This is incredibly valuable, probably $300,000."



  • Fact 1: Albrecht Durer lived from 1471 to 1528, and was considered one of the greatest artists of the Northern Renaissance.
  • Fact 2: Durer came from a family of goldsmiths, and learned engraving in elementary school.
  • Fact 3: This engraving, entitled "Knight, Death, and the Devil," originated in 1513 and draws heavily from the famous biblical passage Psalm 23.
  • Fact 4: Besides engraving, Durer was also known for painting, printmaking, and was both a mathematician and theorist during the Renaissance.
  • Fact 5: Durer published a series of four books on human proportions, which also included a philosophical treatise on aesthetics and beauty.

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