Cost to complete without items: 50 candies


  • Fact 1: Lincoln's grandfather, also named Abraham, was ambushed and killed in an Indian raid in 1786, shortly after relocating his family to Jefferson County, Kentucky.
  • Fact 2: Abraham Lincoln stood at an impressive 6'4" tall, and was described as "tall and strong enough to intimidate any rival."
  • Fact 3: During a debate for the Illinois General Assembly in 1832, Abraham Lincoln stopped an attack on one of his supporters by "grabbing the assailant by the neck and the seat of his trousers" and throwing him.
  • Fact 4: Throughout Lincoln's life, he served as a captain in the Illinois Militia, a postmaster, a county surveyor, a lawyer, a state and federal congressman, and finally, President of the United States.
  • Fact 5: Lincoln's head of security, Allan Pinkerton, helped the president evade potential assassins in 1860. Pinkerton went on to found the famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

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