This item can be restored. Please see 2007 Volvo VN 780 Semi Truck/Restoration

I see a lot of trucks in my shop, but usually not trucks like this. It's pretty nice, but a cool paint job could really put it over the top.



  • Fact 1: The VN 780, at more than 27 feet in length, features one of the most comprehensive sleeper cabins in the industry, with room for a table and chairs, 2 beds, refridgerator, microwave and running water.
  • Fact 2: With a 550-horsepower engine, the 2007 VN 780 traveled at 6.3 miles per gallon of diesel fuel. Under average use and at 2007 fuel prices, it would have cost around $65,000 a year to operate.
  • Fact 3: In 1986, the US Department of Transportation set an 80,000-pound limit on the maximum allowable weight per semi-trailer truck on interstate roads.
  • Fact 4: Volvo Lastvagnar, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has produced heavy trucks since 1928, and currently builds more than 100,000 trucks per year.
  • Fact 5: Volvo manufactures trucks around the world under several other brand names, including Renault, Mack, and UD (formerly Nissan Diesel).

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