This item can be restored. Please see 1963 Volkswagen Baja Bug/Restoration

Well, this thing's not in the best shape, but with a little work you could get it up and running. You could even make it raceworthy.



  • Fact 1: The Volkswagen Type 1, or Beetle, was produced continuously from 1938 to 2003. More than 21 million Beetles were built, making it the most-manufactured car in history.
  • Fact 2: Originally designed by Erwin Komenda and Karl Rabe for Porche, the Type I was unveiled as the Kraft durch Freude-Wagen (from the German for "Strength Through Joy") by Adolf Hitler in 1938.
  • Fact 3: The air-cooled rear engine of the Beetle is reliable and easily-repaired, making it a favorite among auto modifiers and particularly well-suited for dry, hot environments.
  • Fact 4: Though the first Baja Bug was built in California in 1968, Nazi engineers built notably similar off-road versions of the Beetle for use in Africa during WWII.
  • Fact 5: California cartoonist Dave Deal entered the first racing Baja Bug in the 1968 Mexican 1000, a race running the length of the Baja California peninsula.

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