The M3 was a popular vehicle in the early days of WWII, by which I mean there were a lot of them. Soldiers generally hated them, and they were phased out pretty quickly.



  • Fact 1: Designed by the White Motor Company in 1937, the M3 was one of the most common armored vehicles used in WWII; more than 20,000 were built.
  • Fact 2: The M3 was first used in combat in Philippines and Africa in 1941, filling traditional cavalry roles for the US army.
  • Fact 3: Field service highlighted serious design flaws in the M3, namely its lack of off-road capability, and the car was phased out in 1943.
  • Fact 4: More than 3,000 M3s were leased to the Soviet Union to aid in the fight against Germany. Many of these vehicles remained in service well into the Cold War.
  • Fact 5: The M3 was designed as an all-purpose armored car, and served as the US Army's scout unit, personnel carrier, ambulance, and tractor for the early years of WWII.

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