Pin-up art is making a big comeback, and an original piece from the 1940s is definitely a good buy.



  • Fact 1: Images from men's magazines (and, later, photos of celebrities) were often pinned up on walls, making the term "pin-up" an official part of the language by 1941.
  • Fact 2: Early photograph or pin-ups were often left in vaudevile and burlesque theater green rooms, acting as business cards for female performers.
  • Fact 3: Due to strict pornography laws, men's magazines such as Esquire featured suggestive paintings of women, which could be legally treated as art.
  • Fact 4: Pin-ups peaked in popularity in the 1940s and became iconically associated with WWII soldiers, who often carried pin-ups in their personal effects.
  • Fact 5: Pin-ups of women in (and out of) military uniform became ubiquitous as nose art painted on WWII warplanes, seen as good luck charms by their crews.

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