"The 1932 Ford was the original hot-rod mod car. It was simple, light, and plentiful, but it's rarer now. I'd say you'll get $50,000."



  • Fact 1: This car is a heavily modified 1932 Ford Model 18 roadster, the first mass-market V-8 car in America.
  • Fact 2: Nearly 13,000 Model 18 roadsters were produced. Each cost $495 in 1932, around $8200 in today's dollars.
  • Fact 3: The 1932 Ford coupes became known as "deuce coupes", and were ideal platforms for hot-rod modification.
  • Fact 4: Ford heavily modified the 1932 models for 1933, stretching the wheelbase and adding significant weight and making the 1932 model year a highly-sought car among enthusiasts.
  • Fact 5: The Model 18 shared a platform with the lower-cost, 4-cylinder Model B; with some body styles, the cost difference between the models was as low as $10, making the Model B a commercial failure.

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