The cartouches for the Harper's Ferry armory are all correct. The wood is in good condition, and it looks like this is all the original hardware. A very nice gun.



  • Fact 1: The U.S. Arsenal in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, was the first U.S. manufacturer to produce rifles.
  • Fact 2: Before the Civil War, the arsenal at Harper's Ferry produced weapons for the entire country. Once the war started, it became an essential manufactory for the Confederacy.
  • Fact 3: Secretary of War Henry Dearborn published a paper in 1803 advocating short-barreled rifles, and eventually this paper led to the production of the Harper's Ferry 1803 and other rifles in West Virginia.
  • Fact 4: Because the Arsenal at Harper's Ferry was so close to the border between the Union and the Confederacy, the Arsenal changed hands seven times during the Civil War.
  • Fact 5: Members of the Lewis and Clark expedition used Harper's Ferry rifles.

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