"This is one of the most famous front pages in history, and a nicely preserved one at that. You should be able to get about $2,000 for it."



  • Fact 1: With a deadline looming, the Chicago Tribune was forced to go to press with incomplete poll numbers; the resulting headline has become a cautionary icon for journalists.
  • Fact 2: This November 3, 1948 edition of the Chicago Tribune was made famous in a photo of surprise-upset Presidential winner Harry S. Truman.
  • Fact 3: Veteran Washington correspondent Arthur Sears Henning, convinced that Republican Thomas E. Dewey was an "inevitable" winner, wired his infamous analysis to the Tribune before polls closed.
  • Fact 4: By the time Truman's impending landslide victory became clear, over 150,000 copies of the first-edition Tribune had already been published. Later editions ran with corrected information, but the infamous headline was already public.
  • Fact 5: The publishers of the Chicago Tribune took their mistake well, and joked about it years later. A 25th-anniversary plaque was made, but Truman died before receiving it.

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